Useful, future-proof and individually tailored. That’s what TANNER stands for.
Strategy and Brand

TANNER is one of the few traditional brands in the telecommunications service provision sector. Since the introduction of the company brand in 1984 it has significantly influenced the establishment and professionalism of an entire sector.

The brand name originated as the surname of the company founders Edda and Helmut Tanner. Until 2006 they ran the company, until 2011 they remained the majority owners and still today remain closely associated with the company. The family continues to provide the chairman of the supervisory board of the limited company in the person of Helmut Tanner.

In 2011 the long-standing directors Stefan Kügel and Georg-Friedrich Blocher bought out in full and equal proportions the company shareholdings held by the Tanner family. This was the successful culmination of a long-term plan to ensure succession within the company and lay the foundation for sustaining the company identity and brand independence built up over the preceding 27 years.

The particular characteristics of family companies – strong orientation towards marketing and customers, minimisation of risk, focus on long-term growth, flat hierarchies and short decision paths – form the foundation of the TANNER brand.

Brand core and brand values
Across all areas and functions of the company and throughout the history of TANNER AG there is one significant constant. It particularly characterises the quality of our performance: Precision.

Precision can be seen as the common DNA running through every stage of our service provision: from “production” through to quality management, from sales of services through to cost accounting, from personnel management through to internal IT.

Precision is the core to our brand
We create our values by applying precisely the following three questions to each decision that we take: Is it useful? Is it future-proof? Is it individually tailored? The precise answers to these questions are our day-to-day coordinate reference system – for working in the service of our customers and also for each activity we undertake within the company.

Useful, future-proof and individually tailored – those are the key values of our brand. That’s what TANNER stands for.
Measurable quality improvement due to industrialization

Continually improving the compilation and distribution of technical information through the industrialization of production processes – as a service provider, TANNER has devoted itself to this strategy for its customers.

What does industrialization mean?

During the "production" of technical information, there is a multitude of constantly repeating processes similar to those in a factory. These have to be identified, made measurable with quality management methods, analyzed and improved sustainably.

To this end, quality is brought to life at our company and anchored deeply in our employees' minds. In doing so, we always focus our actions on the customer and his requirements.

Milestones of TANNER quality management

1993 First ISO certification of a service provider's QM system Germany-wide (DIN/EN/ISO 9001)
1996 First company in Bavaria to offer online QM documentation
2000 Certification in accordance with the new, process-oriented norm DIN/EN/ISO:9001:2000
2004 Audit of the software creation at TANNER by Siemens Healthcare certifies TANNER's compliance with FDA guidelines
2005 Successful Supplier Assessment by Nokia ("Approved Suppliers of Nokia")
2005 Quality analysis of CSL Behring certifies TANNER as a trustworthy partner in the field of Technical Documentation
2007 Implementation of SPICE (ISO 15504) for continual improvement of software development processes
2008 Certification in accordance with KTA 1401 (Regulation of the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission – Quality assurance in nuclear power plants)
2009 Implementation of Six Sigma as a method of process optimization
2009 TANNER is certified Green Office by WWF Vietnam
2010 Awarded The Saigon Time - Top 40 Awards - Green Values 2010 in the Category of Energy Efficiency
2010 TANNER Vietnam is certified ISO 9001:2008 by TUEV Rheinland

Apply quality management procedure in TANNER Vietnam.

TANNER Vietnam successfully applied the quality management from its headquarter - TANNER AG - in Vietnam from production process to customer services end.

With regard to customer-orientation and customer-value, TANNER Vietnam commits the "Passion for Precision" for our customers.

The Bavarian Quality Award 2008
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