TANNER Vietnam launches new SOP software
TANNER Vietnam launches a new software today, which compiles all Standard Operating Procedures to successfully operate a company in Vietnam. The Software, called SOP, applicable to the Vietnamese market, includes tailor-made bilingual forms, samples and processes for Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Administration, IT, as well as Sales & Marketing, both in English and Vietnamese.

The procedural templates offered by TANNER within the software are all up-to-date and maintained in compliance with Vietnamese Laws and ISO 9001:2008. TANNER has successfully used this Standard Operating Procedures software in Vietnam for more than 5 years.

SOP has been extensively tested and its capability to act as a web-based platform application allows an unlimited number of users to access the system regardless of their locations. 

TANNER developed this breakthrough software for one of its customers in Vietnam, who wanted to successfully start their  company in Vietnam as quickly as possible. This took TANNER’s customer less than 3 months and reduced the overhead expense by more than 200,000 USD to start their business operations.

The SOP Software offers companies a Quality-Management tool based on standardized uniformity and the framework for management to maintain consistent quality of the product. With its competent Business-Management Consultancy team, TANNER ensures a high-quality staff-training and software-implementation. 

The benefits for existing operating companies in Vietnam are in particular:

+ A clear and organized system to seize control of the work-frame
+ An effective, transparent communication tool contributing to understanding and satisfaction, for both the management and the employees
+ Significant work-performance improvements
+ Accelerated company work-flow
+ Significant financial savings in administrative overhead expense

The benefits for companies who start their business in Vietnam are:

+ Accelerated process of starting the company
+ Company can focus on establishing their core business
+ Significant financial savings in administrative and legal expenses

For more information please contact:

Ms. Thanh Doan
Sales Manager

43D/8 Ho Van Hue Street,
Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District,
HCMC, Vietnam.

Tel:  +84 28 3997 3452 – Ext: 107
Fax: +84 28 3997 3465
E-mail: salesvn@tanner.de
Website: www.tanner.vn

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