A shade of Green at TANNER Vietnam – A small action for a big impact on energy-saving
From an initial roof-top garden project in 2011 at their office building in Phu Nhuan District, TANNER Vietnam has spread the green shade to the entire building surface to reduce energy-consumption, ease urban heat effects and contribute to a greener urban environment.

Being certified Green Office by WWF Vietnam since August 2010, and awarded The Sai Gon Times - Top 40 Green Values in the category of Energy Efficiency in 2011, TANNER is engaged in a strong commitment to save energy and contribute to a greener environment.

(A Green of Shade at TANNER Vietnam Office Building in Phu Nhuan District)

"This vertical garden of Cochinchina Momordica (Cây gấc) and Passion Fruit plant (Cây chanh dây) is designed to cover the entire surface of the building which helps absorbing the sun beams before they reach our office windows and walls, eases dramatically the glass house effects and retains the maximum cool air from the air conditioners", said Mr. Elmar Dutt, Managing Director of TANNER.

"Studies by Environment Canada have shown that the upper floor of a building with a green roof is likely to save 20% of its energy demand through reduction in cooling needs. If a building has five storeys or more, the total summer savings would be around 6%, and with a two-storey building, the total saving would be between 10-12%", Ms. Yen Ly, TANNER's Green Office Coordinator shared. (Source: www.livingroofs.org)

"Among other energy-saving activities from our TANNER colleagues, the green shade is regarded as the most active and sustainable energy-saving factor", Ms. Yen Ly stated.

"The vertical shade provides a stunning look to our building, and we are thrilled to see other buildings adopt green gardens as well as energy-saving measures to create a greener urban environment. Being green should be inspired from the business community to the society where people come together to care for our living environment", said Mr. Elmar Dutt,

For further information on the TANNER Green Shade project, Green Roof-top garden and the WWF "Green Office" program, please contact:

Ms. Ly Thu Yen
Green Office Programme Coordinator

TANNER Vietnam
43D/8 Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, 
Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel:  +84 28 3997 3452 – Ext: 109
Fax: +84 28 3997 3465
Email:    yen.ly@tanner.de
Website: www.tanner.vn

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