The services of TANNER Vietnam at a glance
At many points, information processes in and between companies can be managed only by automated solutions. Systems and software tools are available for this, and our staff of more than 30 years integrators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with them. This allows our clients to structure information, record it effectively and make it available via our media to the various users in combinations which create added value.
  • What is Standard Operating Procedures?

    Standard Operating Procedures, also known as SOP, is a documentation system for business operational processes.

    SOP is an important business tool that creates a professional environment of consistency and high performance. Because SOP can be used as guidance any time a specific task or project is undertaken, it is a list of best practices that maximize the performance of the given tasks or projects to produce the desired results.

    SOP Structure

    SOP includes:

    + Procedures
    + Forms
    + Samples/ Specimen

    SOP covers the business operation scopes of:

    + Human Resources
    + Administration
    + IT & Network Administration
    + Marketing & Sales
    + Quality Management System (Complied with ISO 9001:2008 Certification Requirements)

    Benefits for existing operating companies in Vietnam

    + Creating a clear and organized system to seize control of the work frame
    + An effective, transparent communication tool
    + Significant work performance improvements
    + Accelerated company workflow
    + Significant financial savings in administrative overhead expense
    + Compliant with Vietnamese Laws & ISO 9001:2008 quality standards

    Benefits for start-up companies in Vietnam

    + Accelerated process of starting up the new company
    + Company can focus on establishing their core businesses
    + Significant financial savings in administrative and legal expenses

    Microsoft Sharepoint Solution (MSS)

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